Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Ultrasound Solution For Gentler Imaging During Pediatric Assessment

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Captures highly detailed images for suitable diagnosis of pedriatic patients and assists clinicians to reduce any radiation risks

With the addition of the ultimate ultrasound solution for pediatric assessment, clinicians can now obtain highly detailed images and accordingly make a suitable diagnosis for pediatric patients, reducing the need for additional diagnostic imaging steps, such as X-ray imaging.

Pediatric patients consist of premature newborn babies to children who are more radiosensitive than adults, and efforts should be made to minimise risk by reducing unnecessary radiation exposure. This calls for a more gentle form of medical imaging. Designed specifically for pediatric clinical use, the new ultrasound solution combines dedicated transducers, enhanced processing and software tools. The new pediatric transducer offers a 30 per cent greater penetration for more detailed images and has a tailored pediatric workflow to help clinicians diagnose pediatric patients more quickly.

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“Diagnostic confidence is vital for any clinician, especially when diagnosing the most sensitive patients,” said Jeff Cohen, Vice President and General Manager General Imaging Ultrasound at Philips.

The new ultrasound solution for pediatric assessment extends Philips’ portfolio of dedicated solutions on the Philips Ultrasound System (EPIQ Elite) that is tailored to the needs of particular medical specialities such as small parts, liver, vascular and breast operations.

Philips ultimate ultrasound solution for pediatric assessment is available globally.


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