Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Deliver Miniaturised Electronic Devices

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  • The multilayer ceramic capacitors by Murata have been developed using a technology that significantly reduces the capacitor footprint and volume for use in mobile devices
  • At the same time, the capacitors emphasise their importance in the miniaturisation process

The spread of 5G smartphones and the increasing miniaturisation of wearable devices has led to the demand for further miniaturisation and higher density of electronic circuitry. Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are considered to be essential components in many kinds of electronic devices and are widely used.

As approximately 900 to 1,100 multilayer ceramic capacitors are installed in a single high-end smartphone, a considerable need exists for capacitors combining smaller size with a larger capacity. In particular, since multilayer ceramic capacitors with a capacitance of 1.0µF are widely used, they contribute to the further miniaturisation of electronic devices.

Now, Murata Manufacturing has developed a multilayer ceramic capacitor with a capacitance value of 1.0µF in the 01005-inch size (0.4×0.2mm), which can be increasingly used in a wide range of mobile electronic devices including smartphones.

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Uses thin sheet technology

The company’s thin layer technology for ceramic elements and thin-sheet formation technology enables a reduction of approximately 35 per cent in footprint and 50 per cent in volume ratio compared to existing products with the same capacitance value (015008-inch size)

Additionally, these MLCCs have an increased capacity of about 2.1 times compared to conventional products of the same size (01005-inch size).

Mass production of the GRM022R60G105M with a rated voltage of 4Vdc has already started and mass production of GRM022R60J105M with a rated voltage of 6.3Vdc is scheduled to begin in 2021.

Murata aims to continue enhancing its lineup of high-temperature products and boost their capacitance to meet market needs, thereby contributing to the continuing miniaturisation and diversification of mobile electronics.


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