Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PMIC Present In Solar-Power Asset Monitoring/Tracking Solution

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Having an ultra-low power up capability, the device possesses photovoltaic-based energy harvesting  solution for a range of IoT applications

Providing a robust energy harvesting solution is the AEM10941 power management IC (PMIC) that has been designed into battery-less monitoring hardware. Covering a voltage range from 50mV to 5V input voltage and possessing an ultra-low power up (from just a 3µW input), the AEM10941 is optimised for photovoltaic-based energy harvesting deployments. The IC can deliver two voltage-regulated outputs (1.2-1.8V and 1.8V-4.1V).

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The AEM10941 PMICs are present in Xeelas Series S gateways that can acquire periodic data on the operational status of non-powered assets situated in remote locations. They can capture data from connected sensors and then transmit them to the cloud. Any issues that could cause malfunction may then be identified and attended to. Key uses for these gateway modules are diesel generators, fuel tanks, container units and various other kinds of mobile industrial assets. There are prospects in waste management and smart agriculture as well.

The gateways have 2 solar panels. With the help of geolocation and avionics techniques, these panels can serve as GPS antennas to get a quick and accurate location fix. Cellular IoT (LTE-M and NB-IoT) plus GSM connectivity allow data transmission, as well as over-the-air updates.

The AEM10941 is available in a compact 28-pin QFN package from e-peas and needs only minimal peripheral components to accompany it.


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