Friday, May 24, 2024

Rugged, 500W Plug-And-Play DC/DC Converter

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RMOD500-W from Recom is a range of compact, plug-and-play 500W DC/DC for off-highway E-mobility Applications. The DC-DC converter can accept a wide range of input power from 32V to 96V.  The RMOD500 is a fully enclosed, chassis-mounted part with a certified isolation rating of 2.25kVDC and an IP67 rating. The module offers different outputs from 11.7V to 24.5V. The module comes with several protection features including input under-voltage and reverses polarity, over-temperature and output over-current and over-voltage.  The module features water- and dust-proof connectors and the module is fully qualified for EMC, shock/vibration, thermal shock/temperature cycling, salt mist, water/dust ingress and making it suitable for mounting at any unprotected area of a vehicle.

“With the move to ‘greener’ transport solutions, this new series of E-mobility DC/DCs is ideal for many applications,” quotes Marco Kuhn of RECOM. “The products can be used to generate an isolated power rail for auxiliary functions in electric vehicles in application areas such as material handling, construction, sports venues, and in the industry generally.”

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With an increase in the adoption of Electric Vehicles, the requirement for sturdy power-electronics modules such as converters is at an all-time high. The RECOM RMOD500-W is a cost-effective plug-and-play DC/DC converter specially designed to fulfil the requirements of off-highway E-mobility applications. Delivering 500W output, the IP67 compliant module can work with an input voltage range of 32-96V and provides outputs of 13.7V, 13V, 12.4V, 11.7V, 24.5V and 23.5V. Furthermore, multiple modules may be paralleled for getting higher power. The RMOD500-W comes in a compact package measuring just 198 x 113 x 45mm including connectors and is designed for baseplate cooling.


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