Saturday, July 20, 2024

Chip Ferrite Beads Suitable For Automotive Applications

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The series meets AEC-Q200 qualification and helps automotive engineers suppress noise at temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius

Widespread electrification has increased the demand for compact, lightweight and robust electronic control substrates, particularly as more and more electronic control units (ECUs) are positioned closer to the engine. Automotive engineers were previously not able to directly address power line noise suppression and instead implemented them in cooler areas, which complicated the design. 

The release of the BLM18KN_EH series of chip ferrite beads helps engineers meet this design challenge by suppressing noise in power lines at temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius. Target applications are automotive equipment such as engine and transmission ECUs and turbo motor controllers, with the components meeting AEC-Q200 qualification requirements. 

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The ferrite material does not lose its magnetic properties at high temperatures and eliminates design stress for high-temperature areas. Energisation is possible at 150 degrees Celsius, which increases the degree of design freedom. 


  • Low DC resistance (Rdc) for compatibility with large currents, optimal for low power consumption. It also reduces heat generated and therefore increases efficiency. 
  • Rated current is from 740 mA to 4,000 mA (−55°C to +125°C), 490 mA to 2,600 mA (+150°C) and 10 mA (+175°C)
  • Typical impedance at 100 MHz ranges from 26 Ω to 1000 Ω

The new BLM18KN_EH chip ferrite beads are available in 0603-inch size with dimensions down to 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm from Murata.


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