Friday, April 19, 2024

Gate-Driver IC Optimised For Low-Voltage Applications

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The integrated half-bridge IC can perform sink and source of up to 600mA and comes with built-in safety features, reducing bill of materials

Delivering a space-efficient and power-saving solution for three-phase brushless motor control is the STDRIVE101, an integrated three-phase half-bridge driver IC with performance optimised for low-voltage industrial applications up to 75V, including e-bikes, power tools, pumps, fans, light machinery, gaming consoles and other equipment.

The STDRIVE101 embeds three half-bridge drivers for external N-Channel MOSFETs, each able to sink and source up to 600mA gate current. Integrated bootstrap diodes and a 50mA 12V low-dropout (LDO) regulator minimise the bill of materials. A comparator for over-current detection using external resistors and drain-source voltage monitoring of each MOSFET for short-circuit protection are also provided.

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Essential safety features are built-in, including internally generated dead-time to prevent cross-conduction, over-temperature shutdown and Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) on both the low-side and high-side sections to prevent the MOSFETs from operating in low efficiency or dangerous conditions.

A DT/MODE selection pin lets designers choose to control switching with individual high-side and low-side signals or a single PWM signal and enable input. A standby pin sets the STDRIVE101 in a low-power mode with the LDO turned off to maximise energy savings when idle.

The STDRIVE101 is in production now and available in a 24-pin VFQFN 4mm x 4mm package from STMicroelectronics.


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