Thursday, April 11, 2024

Integrated Networking Solution For High-Performance Switching

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Good processing power helps address carrier networks, data centres and other switching and routing applications

Enabling high-density 400GbE switching and routing platforms with line rate MACSec and IPSec support is an integrated networking solution, the BCM8850 scalable series by Broadcom.

The BCM88850 is the eighth generation of the StrataDNX scalable switching product line and processes up to 14.4 Tb/s of line card traffic, supporting up to 18 400GbE ports, 72 100GbE ports or a mix of front panel ports from 10GbE to 400GbE, operating at Layer 2 through Layer 4.

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The BCM88850 series, together with the BCM88790 fabric element (FE) device, enables system vendors to build a scalable product line based on a unified architecture that addresses:

• Multi-terabit core and edge routers for data centre, packet transport or carrier network applications
• Large-scale spine and leaf switches for data centres with integrated deep buffering and hierarchical quality-of-service (HQoS)
• Multiple interconnected modular systems to create a scalable core platform for switching and routing capacity multiplication
• High-capacity, fixed-configuration switch for mission-critical applications

Provides Extensive Support

The BCM88850 Elastic Pipe packet processor is built on C++, with support for data centre and carrier networking applications. The large-on-chip, centralised, and fungible databases can be extended using an external knowledge-based processor (KBP).

BCM8850 block diagram

The BCM88850 traffic manager integrates deep packet buffers with a distributed scheduling scheme that allows state-of-the-art hierarchical quality-of-service (QoS), transmission scheduling per-customer, per-service, as well as tunnelling and overlay networks. Flexible flow control mechanisms support Priority-based Flow Control (PFC), Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) and Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN).

To meet specific requirements, the BCM88850 can be used with complementary Broadcom devices for interface expansion, scaling, and adding traffic management capabilities to existing systems for investment protection.


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