Thursday, July 25, 2024

Multi-Petabyte Appliances That Secures Big Data From Cyberattacks

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Advanced backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities with over 3PBs of effective capacity solves unabated cyber threats and IT disasters

Arcserve, LLC, a data and ransomware protection provider has unveiled Arcserve X Series Appliances Secured by Sophos, self-contained solutions with integrated cyber and data protection for enterprise data volumes. The new appliances uniquely combine deep learning endpoint protection and on- and off-site disaster recovery with over 3PBs of effective capacity in one unit, and linear expansion to increase capacity as needed.

According to the recently released Sophos 2021 Threat Report, organisations are hard-pressed to predict the evolution of cyber threats because ransomware gangs are constantly devising new tactics to hold critical data hostage and solicit ransom payments. For that reason, enterprises must take a proactive approach through an integrated first and last line of defence that offers ransomware prevention, detection and removal, and if needed, automated restore to on-site and cloud targets.

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“Most practitioners in the IT community understand the extreme wreckage ransomware often leaves in its wake,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director at IDC. “Integrating cybersecurity and data protection as a coordinated deployment is critical, of which Arcserve has staked its position at the forefront of this market. The new X Series Appliances expand these integrated technologies and are designed to create a robust system scalable for enterprise data centres.”  

Data protection and security at scale

Arcserve X Series Appliances uncomplicate enterprise infrastructures and offer a higher ROI by eliminating discrete data protection and security strategies:

  • Powered by Arcserve UDP software, organizations protect complex workloads with heterogeneous technologies that can be unboxed and deployed in under 15 minutes
  • Integrate Sophos Intercept X Advanced cybersecurity to prevent ransomware and hacker attacks, including credential harvesting, lateral movement and privilege escalation
  • Protect entire enterprise data centres with over 3PBs of effective capacity per unit
  • Increase capacity as needed with linear expansion.

Performance-driven architecture

To stay ahead of new and existing challenges, IT organisations require solutions with extreme performance and agility:

  • Architected with cloud-native technologies, the X Series enables cloud economies of scale by combining on- and off-site backup and rapid restore to public and private clouds, including Arcserve Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix Objects, Eucalyptus, Rackspace and more
  • Instant VM and BMR, local and remote virtual standby, application-consistent backup and granular restore, optional high availability and more
  • 56 CPU cores and 1TB RAM (expandable to 2TBs) to spin up dozens of VMs on-appliance
  • Hyper-efficient global deduplication with enterprise-grade SAS HDDs and NVMe SSDs for up to 20:1 ratios.

“As the threat landscape evolves and data becomes more distributed in our work-from-home reality, it’s become more critical than ever to invest in the highest-performing tools and services to keep priceless data safe,” said Ivan Pittaluga, CTO of Arcserve. “And, as more data is being produced it’s equally important that organizations have a solution that can grow with them. Our new appliances are changing the game –giving organisations with enterprise-level data volumes the opportunity to use one solution for backup, cybersecurity, on-appliance and cloud disaster recovery with options for high availability. No other appliance can do that, which is why we’re so pleased to offer a differentiated value that not only offers significantly higher ROI but peace of mind.”


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