Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Indoor Air Quality Sensor Now Improved For High-Humidity Environments

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Enables operation in splash-prone areas, delivering cost-effective solution for water and dust-exposed applications

Suitable for operating in wet or dirty environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and hospital rooms is the ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor platform, which has a software-configurable IP67-qualified waterproof option for IAQ applications such as smart HVAC systems, ventilator fans, bathroom lights and switches and wearables, that operate in a wide range of high-humidity, splash zone, dirty, or submersible environments. . 

The waterproof ZMOD4410 sensor comes in a sealed package made of a hydrophobic and oleophobic material that is permeable to humidity and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the same time, thus delivering protection from water and dust. 

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The IP67-rated packaging enables accuracy and reliability for low-power IAQ applications that operate in splash zones while maintaining the high precision and flexibility that users need for customising their systems and eliminate the need for expensive waterproofing systems.

Key Features 

  • Accuracy and high performance 
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic package
  • Allows users to add a conformal coating on the circuitry rather than add an external membrane to the module
  •  AI firmware implemented on an MCU to improve sensing
  • Highly resistant to siloxanes, enabling exceptional reliability for use in harsh applications

The software-configurable ZMOD platform provides greater design flexibility for smart sensing systems, allowing firmware updates that enable new, application-specific capabilities such as selective measurements to detect VOCs/total VOCs (TVOCs) in the low parts-per-million range (ppm). High accuracy and consistency offer an improved estimated Carbon Dioxide (eCO2) levels. 

“The increasing use of IAQ sensors in splash zone environments along with other areas with frequent exposure to water, oils and dust drives higher demand for protection from those elements without sacrificing performance – a traditionally expensive process that requires additional hardware and firmware,” said Uwe Guenther, Senior Director, Sensing Solutions, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “The new waterproof ZMOD4410 sensor combines the best of both worlds cost-effectively, enabling broader adoption of highly accurate smart sensing devices that can operate in high-humidity and harsh conditions for a wider range of market applications.”

The ZMOD4410 sensor with a hydrophobic package is available now from Renesas Electronics Corporation.


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