Friday, April 19, 2024

Portable PXI Express Chassis Having Fast, Versatile Performance

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Enhances portability for a wide range of test and measurement applications without sacrificing system bandwidth

Traditional PXI Express systems are usually large and require complex setup. Presenting the PXES-2314T, a compact test and measurement platform that offers versatile and flexible high-bandwidth performance.

The PXES-2314T features two Thunderbolt 3 ports for host PC connections, which use USB Type-C connectors and support USB power delivery up to 60W and system bandwidth of 40Gb/s. The chassis offers four PXI Express Hybrid slots: two PXIe Hybrid slots up to PCIe Gen2 x1 and two PXIe Hybrid slots up to PCIe Gen3 x4.

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Targeted use cases for the PXES-2314T include high-performance accurate mobile quality control testing in a production line (without sacrificing feature functions or high performance). R&D tests and experiments can be performed more flexibly and cost-effectively, without requiring investments in older, more cumbersome and expensive PXIe systems. The more portable PXES-2314T also supports use cases that focus on field troubleshooting, hands-on demos and training for an array of applications in a range of environments.

“Previously, a typical PXI bridge setup required a desktop expansion card, chassis module, and connecting cable, severely limiting portability. The greater versatility of the PXES-2314T platform makes possible a broad range of more flexible and mobile test and measurement applications,” said Tim Juan, senior director of IoT Solutions and Technology at ADLINK.

Measuring 207.9mm x 148.4 x 220.5mm (8.19″ x 5.84″ x 8.68″), the PXES-2314T by ADLINK Technology delivers not just high performance but also saves space, whether on a benchtop or the factory floor.


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