Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Integrated Measurement Software Platform For Concurrent Data Collection

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Improves development efficiency through integrated measurement using single instrument for multiple testing tasks

Data control along with the generation and collection of reports from multiple measuring instruments is now easy thanks to the IS8000 integrated measurement software platform.

The IS8000 software combines the functions of software provided for individual measuring instruments and can deliver total support for all measurement tasks, from the connection of instruments to the creation of reports, thus improving product development efficiency. 

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It also supports device connection for individual high-speed cameras from other companies, making it possible to integrate, synchronise and time stamp the data collected from multiple devices.

This software can aid the development of motors, inverters and other types of equipment by synchronising the measurement data from power analysers with the multichannel analogue measurement signal data from a high-speed data logger. 


  • When installed on a PC that is connected to a DL950 ScopeCorder equipped with 10-gigabit high-speed Ethernet functionality, this software can record data at speeds of up to 10 mega-samples per second (MS/s). A user can view data on a monitor in a separate location as measurements are being taken, and also compare to the data that have been saved. This ensures that tasks such as electrical facility field testing and automobile performance evaluations that involve measurements with long timeframes and repeated measurements can be performed smoothly.
  • The IS800 software also makes it possible to display and compare separately acquired and recorded data on the same time axis. Up to four locations in a waveform can be specified for a close-up display. This makes data analysis simpler and easier.
  • The IS8000 software enables synchronised measurements using other vendors’ high-speed cameras for automobile development and similar activities. Use with the DL950 ScopeCorder and the WT5000 power analyser, for example, enables high-precision time synchronisation of waveform data and electrical power values. And when a ScopeCorder is linked to a high-speed camera, it is possible to synchronise electrical signal waveforms and video.
  • It improves development efficiency by drastically reducing testing time. In addition to waveform enlargement and arithmetic operations, it can display separately measured waveform data on the same time axis. When creating reports, this measurement data can be added through a simple drag-and-drop operation.
  • The product can be used on up to two PCs. In cases such as when users need to replace a PC, users can go online.

Major Target Markets

  • EV and hybrid vehicles
  • Electronic devices, power sources, and inverters in the power electronics industry
  • Household appliances and air conditioners in the electronics industry
  • Industrial devices in the mechatronics industry


  • Electrical power usage efficiency testing in the product design phase and final testing phase.
  • Evaluation of in-vehicle LAN standard-compliant bus signals and analogue signals as well as synchronised measurement in car electronics.
  • Development and debugging of embedded device firmware.
  • Synchronised measurement of analogue electrical signals from sensors or other devices and video from high-speed cameras.
  • Synchronised measurement and evaluation of high-speed signals such as those used in communications and relatively steady mechatronic system signals. 

The IS8000 measurement software is now available from Yokogawa Test and Measurement Corporation.


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