Tuesday, July 23, 2024

World’s First 6 GHz USB Spectrum Analyzer with 245 MHz True IQ Streaming

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Aaronia has developed the world’s first 6 GHz USB spectrum analyzer with 245 MHz true I/Q streaming which can thus increase the real-time bandwidth by six times. The analyzer also has another record-breaking feature, a small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10ns that enables the SPECTRAN V6 X to capture signals that are 1,000 times shorter than the conventional spectrum analyzers. The SPECTRAN V6 X also has an integrated vector signal generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120 MHz (opt. 245 MHz), which considerably increases its range of operation.


With a sweep speed of, the SPECTRAN V6 X has a sweep speed of over 1THz/s which shortens the cycle time by nearly 40 times compared to the ones used in the market today. In addition, it also is possible to cascade many numbers of these devices to achieve even higher real-time bandwidths.

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The spectrum analyzer uses the latest version of the RTSA Suite PRO software, a powerful, multifunctional spectrum analysis software. 


  • Frequency range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz (opt. 8 GHz)
  • Multiple units cascadable (increase real-time bandwidth)
  • Unlimited continuous 245MHz True I/Q streaming via USB
  • Dual receiver real-time bandwidth of 245MHz (2x245MHz)
  • 120MHz I/Q vector signal generator (opt. 245MHz)
  • Sweeps 6GHz in less than 5ms (1THz/s)
  • Parallel measurement of multiple frequency bands
  • POI up to 97ns (FFT-based)
  • POI up to 10ns (I/Q-based)
  • Exceptional dynamic range using over 18 bandpass filters and a 16-bit ADC with 2GSPS
  • Sample rate: 500 MSPS (16-bit dual 256 MSPS I/Q data)
  • FPGA: 930GMAC/s
  • FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)
  • MATLAB support
  • Stackable accessories
  • Lightweight and compact


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