Sunday, May 19, 2024

Assistive AI: Semiconductor Design, Manufacture, And Workforce

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Together, human intelligence and AI create a powerful synergy, highlighting the vital lesson for the semiconductor workforce: adapt to new technologies.

The relationship between semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI) is symbiotic and transformative. Semiconductors, the backbone of all modern electronics, have played a crucial role in developing and proliferating AI technologies. At the same time, AI has increasingly influenced how semiconductor products are designed and manufactured. This mutual growth cycle promises to push the boundaries of endless possibilities in technology, leading to faster, more innovative, and more efficient products.

Building on this foundation, out of all the AI capabilities today, assistive AI emerges as a pivotal solution for the semiconductor industry, propelling it into a new era of efficiency and innovation. Also, as the complexity of semiconductor product design manufacturing increases further, with ever-smaller and ultra-advanced technology process nodes, traditional semiconductor design and manufacturing methodologies begin to falter. It is where assistive AI steps in to bridge this gap.

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What is assistive AI


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