Thursday, April 25, 2024

CASCADING: Simplify Centralized Management of cameras

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Managing cameras at different locations or different recording devices centrally is a complex process. It involves managing a server and multiple monitoring devices along with complicated cabling. To overcome these challenges, Matrix SATATYA Video Surveillance solution allows managing multiple recording devices (NVR or HVR) through a single device without requiring a server to run the CMS application. This single device acts as the master device, allowing management, monitoring and playback of up to 19 other devices and a total of 500 cameras.

Key Benefits:
Low Solution Cost: This solution brings down the overall cost of a multi-location or a multi-floor application by reducing cabling cost, eliminating dedicated server and using a single monitoring device instead of multiple devices.

Ease of Management and Monitoring: This solution increases efficiency of security managers and gives them more control over other locations on a single TV, instead of having to turn on a server and starting an application each time they have to monitor a different location.

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