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5 Reasons Why Device Makers Cannot Secure the IoT Platform

In their race to market, product developers building for new platforms will underestimate the security and privacy features that should be built into their products. In some cases, this will be an act of commission, but most will be an act of omission because it is difficult to anticipate the vulnerabilities until the products reach the market at scale. Windows and mobile devices experienced something similar. They have been hardened, but earlier in their evolution they were an easy target for cyber criminals.

There is no perimeter in IoT to defend, and defending the perimeter has failed on all other platforms. One look at the list of largest breaches, and you’ll see most companies victimized by the cyber criminals relied on defending the perimeter. Though much less frequent, mature mobile and PC endpoint zero-day vulnerabilities are still discovered and exploited. A better outcome for IoT devices cannot be expected. (Read More)

Operational Integrity and Incident Response for IoT Security

Given the increasing volume of connected devices throughout society, Internet of Things (IoT) security should be a key consideration for businesses and consumers alike. Embedded in everything from our homes and cars to commercial and industrial manufacturing, IoT solutions are already providing significant benefits. As a result, IDC expects organizations to increase their IoT investments to an estimated $1.29 trillion by 2020.

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IoT connectivity increases convenience and business value, but it also introduces a larger threat surface and additional attack vectors. As a result, the IoT has unique security requirements and different considerations for security teams when responding to incidents. Companies adopting IoT solutions must master the basics to plan for these risks. (Read More)


Manufacturing the IoT: Safeguarding the Future of Internet Security

The dawn of the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) has come, with many of us still awakening to the possibilities for new products and applications it brings. IoT seems set to transform our jobs, our cities and homes in ways both marvelous and mundane. But all this promise of change comes accompanied by concerns over new privacy and security risks.

Much focus is placed on privacy, yet many IT professionals worry about the security of devices for another reason: once compromised, such devices can be, and indeed have been, used to perform attacks on the underlying infrastructure of the Internet. The manufacturers of these devices and the consumers that use them have thus come to occupy a novel role in the future of Internet security. Informed action is needed to ensure that all parties are aware, to as great an extent as possible, who plays which role. (Read More)


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