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Electrifying Shift In Automotive Display Evolution

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The future of automotive displays depends on heads-up displays advancements, the promise of immersive 3D experiences, and the unexpected regions leading these groundbreaking innovations.

Automotive displays encompass the screens and interfaces within our vehicles. As cars continue to advance in intelligence and functionality, there is an increasing focus on improving these displays to provide a more immersive yet non-distracting experience for the driver. A prime example of innovation in this field is the heads-up display. This cutting-edge feature aims to replace traditional dashboards, prioritising road safety and keeping drivers’ attention undivided.

The field of automotive displays offers a captivating blend of technology and aesthetics. While these displays are prominently featured in passenger vehicles and large cargo vans, our examination primarily focuses on passenger and large commercial vehicles, excluding buses, trucks, and trains.

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Modern vehicles boast a variety of displays, each designed for specific functions. Cars typically come equipped with a dashboard display positioned for the driver’s convenience, paired with a central informational panel between the driver and the co-passenger. Such traditional configurations continue to dominate the majority of contemporary vehicles.

As autonomous driving becomes an impending reality, there is a noticeable shift in priorities. While safety remains paramount, enhancing the passenger’s experience has gained importance. With the transition from manual to autonomous vehicles, where every occupant becomes a passenger, entertainment takes centre stage. This shift prompts the industry to envision and develop expansive, interactive displays to elevate the passenger experience.

How does the rise of EVs impact the automotive display market?
The surge in electric vehicles (EVs) significantly influences the automotive display market. While displays are becoming a standard feature across all types of vehicles, from HUDs to side window displays and dashboard screens, there is a shared emphasis on reducing power consumption. The importance of energy efficiency extends beyond EVs and has gained increasing significance due to the rising adoption of EVs. Saving energy and promoting sustainability have become key trends in automotive display design.

Manufacturers strive to cater to a diverse market, spanning premium vehicles and more budget-friendly options. For lower-tier vehicles with tighter margins, cost-effective choices like LCDs are preferred, whereas premium vehicles might opt for technologies like OLEDs. Regardless of the type of vehicle, the common thread remains the focus on minimising power consumption, aligning with the broader shift toward sustainable mobility solutions.

India emerges as a country with boundless potential in this field. The remarkable progress observed in India’s automotive and manufacturing sectors reveals an exciting pathway for the evolution of vehicular displays. While many across the globe applaud the achievements of companies like Tata Motors in the expansive automotive industry, a wealth of opportunities exists in the display segment, awaiting India’s exploration. Given the progress in LCD technology and the anticipated transition to micro-LEDs, India’s burgeoning manufacturing infrastructure is well-suited to lead this revolution. Recognising this potential, our study incorporates India’s prospective contribution to the industry’s trajectory. India is not only a hub of manufacturing expertise but also on the cusp of pioneering breakthroughs, notably in domains like micro-LEDs. The horizon looks promising, with India poised to become a cornerstone in the evolution of automotive displays.

A recent conversation with Dr Miguel El Guendy, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, provided profound insights into this dynamic landscape.

Key automotive display technologies

The realm of automotive displays is extensive and continually evolving, with two technologies, LCD and OLED, emerging as leaders in this domain. These technologies reign supreme in the automotive space and also have a significant presence in the broader display industry.

LCD dominance in vehicle displays


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