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EMC VSPEX helps Heritage Foods to enhance its performance and transforms business operations

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EMC VSPEX helps Heritage Foods to achieve the following:
· Eliminate the high licensing costs
· Reduce time and effort in operations management
· Reduce data center footprint and power consumption
· Reduced OpEx significantly
· Reduced backup data storage requirements and network traffic with 50x data reduction

EMC has secured a significant win at Heritage Foods Limited in India by restructuring of its IT infrastructure. This has enabled them to reduce operational costs as they are now able to significantly reduce the project time and rapidly achieve the project target.

Heritage Foods Ltd. a food and grocery retailer in southern India, has been going through a transformation. The company has experienced tremendous growth, with retail outlets increasing from 70 to 110 in less than two years. The company also has ambitious plans to reach to 150 retail outlets and expand its presence in other parts of India by the end of 2016.

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The previous platform used by Heritage Foods lacked the flexibility needed to release new services, leading to delayed application delivery while the cost involved in scaling up the platform to match the performance requirements was phenomenal.

VSPEX has helped Heritage Foods eliminate the high licensing costs associated with the earlier servers and also reduce time and effort in operations management, both leading to a significant reduction in TCO. In addition, with the implementation of virtualization, VSPEX has improved the utilization of the entire IT infrastructure by distributing the infrastructure as per the usage requirements.

The EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure implemented comprises of EMC VNX 5200 unified storage, EMC Avamar deduplication backup software, EMC RecoverPoint data protection and recovery tool, VMware vSphere virtualization, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, and Cisco switches.

EMC Avamar which uses variable-length deduplication to identify unique changed data on a daily basis and stores it as a daily backup in a matter of few minutes has helped streamline backup administration for Heritage.

Heritage has also implemented a FLASH 1st strategy by combining VNX, FAST Cache, and a combination of solid-state and SAS drives. VNX, along with FAST Cache, can attain the performance benchmark of as high as 15,000 IOPS which will help Heritage easily manage I/O extensive workloads.


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