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“FPGA-based designs fight obsoleteness”

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Binu Raj S, associate vice-president, Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd

JULY 2012: Could you start by giving us an overview of Dexcel Designs (DD)?
DD was founded in the year 2000. So we’ve been around for 13 years. In the beginning, we focused solely on Embedded System. We are mainly a design services company employing about 100 people in Bengaluru. We have a very good talented pool of team with various expertise like Board (PCB) circuit design, PCB CAD deign, FPGA Design, Firmware and Software design, Mechanical design and also Assembly of components. We do have a training division, which concentrates mainly on corporate level trainings. In short, when a customer approaches us for a job, we are prepared to offer solutions at all the levels. Hence, you can call us an end-to-end design service providing company.

Would it be possible to name some of your projects/technologies?
We mainly work in the defence technology market. We are very close to the DRDO and other major defence labs. We have executed works that can fit almost half a room to very thin electronics that goes between the SIM Card and the SIM connector of the mobile. We do have a few products of our own, which are listed on our website. Data acquisition systems and IP encryptions are a couple of them.

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What purpose was the wire for?
The major purpose is for Near Field Communication enabling on mobile phones. It can also be used for several other related applications.

You talked about a project that was half the size of a room? Could you tell us why it was this huge? What was the biggest challenge faced while designing it?
The project was a defense system, and the size was because of the several independent units which were required to be integrated in multiple racks. Moreover, the unit was supposed to be rugged because it was meant to be deployed in harsh weather conditions and hence, had to undergo extreme qualification tests like JSS5555( STARS V International Environmental Tests).

The qualification process for each of the units and the integrated unit itself was quite stringent. There were multiple parties (PSUs) involved with which the system was supposed to work seamlessly. Challenge was there to ensure that all parties converge on single design and yet work independently and smoothly.

The design itself had to qualify for various environmental and EMI/ EMC specs. We took the route of getting the product pre-qualified for design and then take for final qualification.

The mechanical enclosure for the whole system was very rugged and complex. I would say the mechanical design had almost similar complexity as the other areas.

What are the major verticals that DD offers services in?
The major verticals that DD has are Embedded Engineering, Training & Consultancy, CAD Services and Manufacturing.

Under Embedded Vertical we have a hardware division, comprising board-level and FPGA design engineers. We have great expertise in handling high speed boards and have also worked on most of the leading FPGAs.

The Training and Consultancy Wing concentrates on co-operate training in the embedded field like various levels of FPGA Training, Embedded System Hardware Design Training and Embedded Software Training. The plus point that we have is that the training is provided by Engineers with significant hands on-experience. This group also provides specialised talented resources to other organisations.

The CAD Services and Manufacturing wing does the PCB/CAD activities and also small volume manufacturing.


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