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HDMI 2.0 Compliance Test Specifications Released

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The expanding use of High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) in the consumer electronics industry is making it a standard for global connectivity. It is the first and the only interface to integrate intelligent data command into a single connection, uncompressed HD video and the multi-channel surround audio.

Manufacturers worldwide have adopted HDMI standards only due to the fact that it makes it simple and smooth for their customers to link the HD devices manage the high performance delivery and consistency promised by the production. The growing use of HDMI was ample to support the need of HDMI 2.0. Now, as the earlier version, the 2.0 version of the interface also has certain specifications. The devices based on these specifications need to complete conformity tested for which particular specifications are necessary too.

The device manufacturers should be really happy to know that the compliance test specifications (CTS) for HDMI 2.0 specifications have been completed and launched. The testing requirements suggest that all the HDMI 2.0 devices should be flexible with CTS 1.4b whereas HDMI 2.0 features should be flexible with CTS 2.0

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Overview of HDMI 2.0 specifications
The ability of HDMI 2.0 to be backward compatible with the earlier versions allows it to work effectively with existing connectors and cables. This new interface raises the bandwidth significantly to 18Gbps. Further, it supports the market requirements by adding key enhancements that provide an enhanced video and audio experience to the consumers.


It also has the dynamic auto lip-sync and extensions. The specifications for HDMI 2.0 have been launched successfully on September 2013. The HDMI 2.0 specifications are available to be downloaded by the licensed HDMI Adopters, the ones who have registered the 2.0 Addendum to the HDMI Adopter Agreement.

HDMI 2.0 Compliance Testing
The 2.0 CTS document is available for the Adopters at the HDMI Adopter Extranet. If any of the products developed by the adopters implement any function of the HDMI specifications, they need to be compliance tested before they can be shipped. There are about 12 Authorized Test Centers (ACTs) globally for compliance testing where these adopters can submit their devices for HDMI 2.0 features.

 [stextbox id=”info” caption=”List of ATC”]

  • China:
    • Simplay Labs, Beijing
    • Simplay Labs, Shanghai
    • Simplay Labs, Shenzhen
    • Sony, Shenzhen
  • France:
    • Presto Engineering, Caen
  • India:
    • Philips, Bangalore
  • Japan:
    • Panasonic, Osaka
    • Sony, Tokyo
  • Korea:
    • Simplay Labs, Seoul
  • Taiwan:
    • Sony, Taipei
  • United States:
    • Simplay Labs, Sunnyvale



Sneha Ambastha is a technical journalist at EFY

**The above write up is based on the Press Release from HDMI Licensing, LLC


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