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High-Temperature Silicon Power Switches Enhance Reliability In Motorcycles And Industrial Applications

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New Delhi, January 20, 2017 — High-temperature Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) from STMicroelectronics allow manufacturers of voltage regulators, inrush current limiters for switch-mode power supplies, motor-control circuits, and industrial solid-state relays to improve the reliability of their applications and/or reduce costs by using smaller heatsinks.

Addressing a wide range of industrial and two- and three-wheel vehicle applications, ST’s high-temperature SCRs are particularly well suited to voltage regulators in markets where cost efficiency and high reliability are key requirements.

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Operating with junction temperatures of up to 150oC, the TN4015H SCRs offer on-state RMS current ratings of 40A, extending and complementing the existing 12A – 20A product range. They are designed to offer tight control of the gate triggering current, leading to enhanced reproducibility on the customers’ assembly lines with corresponding improvements in the reliability of the end products. The new SCRs are also more gate-sensitive compared with previous generations, while delivering best-in-class electrical noise immunity.

Other key technical features include:
High noise immunity (dV/dt up to 1000V/μs);
600V blocking voltage;
High turn-on current rise (dI/dt = 100 A/μs);
ECOPACK®2 packaging for compliance with safety regulations and faster certification;
Available in various power packages, with UL 1557-certified[1] insulated packages withstanding up to 2500 VRMS.



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