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How To Cheat With Wearables

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Note: This article is for informational purposes only. Do not try this at any formal examination. As they say, “To catch a thief, think like a thief.”

With the advances, the devices are becoming smart, and people are becoming fools. People have the latest tech on their hands, but nobody to guide them to use it sensibly. Smartphones and smart watches have become very common and with project Aura developing Google Glass, inventions don’t seem to stop anytime soon. These technologies maybe useful and handy at times, but in the hands of wrong people, power can be disastrous. Such is the case of 3 students applying to a medical school in Thailand, who sought to using smart glasses and watches to beat the system.

The cheating scheme was elaborately planned, where the question papers were photographed by three agents posing as students. After a mandatory 45 minute lock-in period, they left the hall to transfer the images into a laptop. These images were then sent out to multiple tutorial institutions who solved and sent the answers to the smart watches of the students taking the exams, while they were taking the exam.

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All went well, until it didn’t. An alert was issued after the first smart watch was caught. The others followed subsequently in the coming day.

The director of academic standards, explained in an announcement that the students purchased 100 percent-guaranteed admittance packages from the private tutorial institutes for $23,000.

Involvement of such hi-tech gear gives cheating a new high. While students are learning technology and innovating solutions for easier lifestyle, this can often lead to such situations, where we really begin to question if these advances are being used for the right purposes. Involvement of smart glasses and watches to solve a question paper is sure to get you a place in the merit list.

Who cares what the cut-off is? Or who cares if you are able to qualify or not? So what if you collapse a bridge or you can’t diagnose a cold properly? At least you got into a prestigious institution.

According to the director of academic standards in the release, “We’ve never found cheating of this level, involving high-technology. We’ve had some cases of students copying from one another, which is quite normal. But now we’re going to be paying much closer attention.”

The said university canceled its examination for admission due to such antics adapted by students trying to get admission into prestigious colleges.

Although the students have been blacklisted by the university, the question still remains on how to put checks and measures for such uses of technology. While some places install overhead cameras and such measures in examination rooms, these are not full-proof methods to prevent such incidences from occurring.


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