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COTS Platform is Well-Proven And Encourages the Design Industry

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Satish Kumar Gorantla, Sr. Sales Manager, Kontron Technology India, speaks with Dilin Anand from EFY.

What is Kontron’s vision for India?Satish Passport Size Photo (1)

Kontron is a pioneer in IoT providing a combined hardware-middleware portfolio with a secure and connected IoT platform solution. Being a leader of embedded computing technology, we want to push our embedded solutions to every critical application with innovation and services through our network. We intend to extend our market leadership in strategically important segments like Defense & Aerospace, Transportation and Automation with focused support and comprehensive value added services.

What influence has open industry standard products had on the market?

The market of Open industry standard products is continuously growing. Many small to large equipment manufacturers are moving from non-standard architecture to open standard platforms, which helps them to move out from legacy and proprietary based designs. This also helps equipment manufacturers to keep their products and projects alive for a long time and help them to find the easy path while upgrading to latest cutting edge technologies.

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What are the most popular platforms in the industry?

Some of the industry leading embedded platforms are System on Modules (SOM), CompactPCI, VME and VPX, standalone computers, ATCA and MicroTCA. These platforms can be used across all major verticals in the industry. Most of the Kontron embedded application ready platforms are designed on a modular concept for easy customisation, better connectivity and scalability.

What trends have you observed in relation to monitors, panel PCs and tablets?

Sales of monitors, Panel PC’s and tablets are raising at a rapid rate. With the level of competition increasing in both the tablet and Panel PC markets, pricing is expected to continue to decline. At the same time, we expect a lower quality of our competitors’ products.

What would be one important function or feature that all HMI should almost always have?

Ruggedness is an important area. Equipped for extreme environments, Kontron’s Endurance Tablet functions submerged in water, covered in dust, high heat, frost, shock and even after dropping. Rugged capabilities include IP65, MIL-STD-810G, and 5 feet drop resistance.


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