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Our USP IS Complete IoT Stack With 128 Bit Secured Connectivity – Kanchan Debnath

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We spoke to Kanchan Debnath, chief technology officer at Osiris Systems, a young startup based out in Delhi, in continuation of our quest to talk to innovative Internet of Things (IoT) startups in India.

Kanchan shared with us in detail, the technologies that are innovated by his team at Osiris.

Q. What is the USP of your organisation with respect to IoT?

A. Osiris is formed by a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers with extensive experience in embedded product development, and all us have worked with the world’s largest consumer electronics companies.

We also have complete in-house expertise in software and hardware including printed circuit board (PCB) design.

We have already implemented a highly portable and memory efficient IoT Stack for the memory constrained devices. Our IoT Stack is based on IETF Open Standard 802.15.4, 6LowPAN. Basically it’s a low power IPv6 for memory constrained devices. Our IoT stack implements self-healing, self-forming mesh networking topology for Seamless connectivity and dynamic range enhancement. We can connect upto 2500 sensor nodes in a personal area network (PAN).

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All our devices or sensor nodes have unique IPv6 address, that unique identifies itself in the cloud. All our devices being IPv6 enabled, can be accessed monitored and controlled from anywhere with internet connectivity. We also implemented 128 bit AES for end to end secured communication.

Q. What are the key technologies that you are working on?

A. As of now, we are totally focused on the IoT technology space. We are working on building world-class IoT Products that can compete with any global players in similar segment.

Q. Any particular elements that you are already known or famous for (even within your community or sector)?

A. We all come with electronics engineering background from the country’s premier engineering institutes like NIT / IIT and have worked extensively in Embedded Software Design and Development with the world largest consumer electronics companies.

Q. What niche do you intent to be a leader in?

A. With more than twenty years of experience working with the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, I think our team has a clear understanding of what it takes to build world class products.

The complete software and hardware including the PCB is designed in-house. It’s a complete Make in India product company.

Eventually we want to be known as a company that build reliable, durable and yet affordable electronics products in the IoT technology space. All our products were designed with our Indian consumers in mind, specifically our Smart Agricultural Solution was built with the affordability of our farmer community in mind. We want our solutions to be widely adopted.

Q. What are the major features or projects that your team is currently involved in?

A. We are totally focused on the Internet of Things technology space, we have developed the complete IoT Stack with 128 Bit Secured connectivity. With the complete software infrastructure in place, we are now in a position to easily connect smallest of the devices to the cloud, meaning we can now easily diversify into various IoT market segments.

As of now we are mainly focused on IoT products for smart city application and smart agriculture. We have ready to ship solutions for these segments. Apart from this, we are also actively working on home automation products for smart homes.

Q. Who all have you partnered with respect to technologies and components and why?

Q. We are receiving active support from the various semiconductor companies like Texas Instruments, Vishay Electronics, ST Microelectronics for all our semiconductor requirements. They have been very generous with various sample requirements. Our Product is built around Texas Instrument SoC for IoT 6LowPAN, we have also developed the solutions based on Atmel and Renesas Chipset

Q. Whom do you target as clients? 

A. We have built the best in class Intelligent Street Light Solutions and can compete with any global manufactures of such solutions. Apart from that we have also developed product for smart Agriculture. As for our Smart Street light Solutions we have already demonstrated our product to some of the Smart City Corporations in our country, we also actively pursuing business opportunity with large to medium Industrial townships, municipal corporations.

For Smart Agriculture Systems, we have demonstrated our project to some of the top and the oldest Agricultural universities in India. We are in the process of implementing a pilot project in agricultural university in Uttarakhand and Assam.

Q. How many engineers do you currently have, and how many do you intend to hire in the next 12 months?

A. As of now, we have are group of seven engineers. We look forward to add around eight electronics engineering fresher’s by the third quarter of 2017

Q. What roles are you looking at hiring for?

A. As of now we are focusing more on the sales and marketing aspect, and are looking actively for experienced sales and marketing personnel.

Q. Do you offer training/internship programs within your company?

A. Yes, we have recruited as many as five electronics engineers with specialization in embedded system design.


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