Friday, June 14, 2024

“India is An Emerging Platform for Design Implementation”

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Do you also make Wipro-branded products?
As part of the PE&MS business, we are into solutions and services for our customers. So we do not have Wipro branded products. We work across the entire spectrum and the eco-system—whether it is semiconductor customers, system companies and service providers—so that we can give an integrated solution to the customer. As far as semiconductors are concerned, we do the design and development, and chip testing activities locally in India, but the fabrication is handled in other countries through global ecosystem partners. For the systems, we not only do design development in the country but also partner with manufacturing companies for building these products locally. This way, we can support our customers better during the complete life-cycle of the product. We have a wide network of EMS partners. We work with them to deliver on the manufacturing promise we offer to system companies in India.

How can one get to work at Wipro?
While hiring a VLSI engineer, we look for strong fundamentals in basic electronics design concepts. We make a lot of investments internally to train and groom these engineers. For lateral hires, we also stress on the need for strong domain understanding or sector-specific knowledge—as the industry is moving towards vertical offerings in chip design.

What are you doing to bridge the industry-academia gap?
Wipro works closely with the academia and industry-university consortiums. We have played an active role in Aerospace Network Research Consortium (ANRC) with Boeing and IISc, for long-term research in networkcentric operations, cognitive radio, IPv6 upgradation and navigation systems. Further, we have university student programmes like India-UK Advanced Technology Centre (IUATC) in IIT Hyderabad, Madras, Bombay and Delhi, RVCE, NIT-K, etc. We also have direct university partnerships with Georgia Tech (USA) and IIIT-B.

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