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“MapuSoft offers unique embedded software re-use expertise”

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MapuSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd (MT) is a provider of embedded software re-usability solutions and services that are designed to protect software investment by providing customers a greater level of flexibility and control with product development.

MT offers porting, integration, support and training services to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation. It believes that the company’s advanced software and vision will revolutionise the embedded software industry.

Here, Kumaravel Pandurangan, director of operations of the Chennai-based MapuSoft, talks about how the company is positioned, with Pradeep Chakraborty of EFY. Excerpts:

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CB8_63B_KumarSEPTEMBER 2012: Please explain the primary services and products provided by MapuSoft.
MapuSoft’s software interoperability and re-use tools remove the software’s dependency from the computing platform (operating system, hardware, programming language, etc.) to protect the software investment from platform changes. The tools also offer a way to optimise the performance of the computing platform specifically for the application.

MapuSoft also offers porting, integration, support and training services to help developers easily migrate code from legacy platforms to the next generation. Our tools offer freedom, protection and a solid platform for embedded software.

What are the innovations that sets MapuSoft apart from the competition?
The innovations that sets MapuSoft apart from the competition would be as follows:

* MapuSoft has unique embedded software re-use expertise.
* MapuSoft offers over 144 porting kits for C, C++ and Ada application software while supporting an extensive list of OS platforms.
* Ability to simulate and test applications on host platforms instead of on the expensive target hardware platforms.
* Measure and fine-tune performance before deployment
* Prevent software from getting locked into a single vendor’s platform.
* Eliminate the ongoing software porting and testing when upgrading or changing the OS.

Have you cornered the market on the products and services you offer, and if so, how?
We are now seen as a leader in the porting products and services market. We came to this point by establishing strong and neutral vendor relationships and also offering an extensive combination of solutions. We do not have any competing off-the-shelf products in the market.

Our main competition comes from customers who are accustomed to developing in-house solutions and not aware of MapuSoft offerings.

What is the potential impact (market share) that you hope to have?
We want to be the number one solution provider when it comes to re-hosting software across a wide variety of computing platforms with a focus in embedded and mission-critical applications. We cater to primarily the aerospace/defence, industrial, medical, telecom, automotive and consumer electronics market segments.

Who are some of your largest clients?
Our top 10 large customers are Boeing, Raytheon, Fuji-Xerox, Ericsson, IBM, Northrop Grumman, HP, BAE Systems, Avaya, Lockheed Martin and GE.

What are the future plans for the company?
The future plans are to increase market awareness with direct marketing as well as co-marketing with our partners. Also, to continue to expand our product offering with a greater emphasis on increasing revenue in the services market, and to expand globally by establishing successful distribution channels in various countries.

MapuSoft’s offices are in Mobile and India? Is Mobile your main headquarter?
Yes, MapuSoft’s headquarter is in Mobile, AL, USA. MapuSoft’s India office acts as a secondary development centre for MapuSoft US, as well as provides a direct sales channel to India.


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