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Our xFusion IoT Platform Offers Vast Integrated Library – Ankit Taparia

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We spoke to Ankit Taparia, vice-president of sales at Teramatrix Technologies to further our research in understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) from the Indian scheme of things as well as to check out the domain service providers. Check out, the excerpts from our interaction, below:

Q. What is your organisation’s USP of your organisation with respect to IoT?

A. Teramatrix has been a bootstrapped profitable start-up since beginning. It’s our fourth year in running and we are a leading IoT start-up having commercially deployed connected solutions within Telecom, Media, Automotive and Manufacturing.

The technology which we have built – xFusion IoT platform has been the prime reason behind our success. Our platform approach of using a common framework for building connected applications with agility and efficiency has struck chord with the enterprise who are looking to improve on their operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Q. What are the key technologies that you are working on?

A.  Our technology as stated above is called xFusion. xFusion product offering caters to Telecom, Media, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Industrial IoT (Discrete and Process manufacturing) and Utilities.

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xFusion is a full-fledged IoT Device Management and Service Delivery Platform which horizontally connects with every and any type of sensor, device or machine present in an organization vital for their operations. Platform on-boards the connected device data and transforms that into meaningful Services and derive the Events, KPIs and Correlations necessary for operational course correction in order to enhance their overall efficiency.

The platform has its vast API stack which further transform Device Services, Events, KPIs & Analytics in consumable format for applications. An organization with xFusion deployment can practically enable and integrate any number unique applications necessary to overcome a challenge or extend as an offering to their end customers.

Q. What niche do you intend to be a leader in?

A. Right from the beginning we defined our boundaries within Enterprise IoT segment. We didn’t lose our focus to the initial euphoria around Consumer IoT (Connected Home, wearables, and more) and stuck to our plans of serving the enterprises.

Considering that we bootstrapped our way, it was essential for us to generate revenues right from the beginning. Hence we targeted the telecom industry first, given that telecom has been the most connected industry ever and the concept of managing the multi-vendor, multi-technology network nodes in proactive fashion is well understood. .

We are aiming to be the de-facto enterprise IoT platform across India, South East Asia (SEA) and Africa. We envision a scenario whereby the IoT backbone of enterprises across this region would be formed by xFusion IoT.

Q. What are the major features or projects that your team is currently involved in?

A. Since our beginning in 2013, we have grown on to do a revenue of $1.1 Million in the last financial year and have a strong team of more than sixty present across our offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Jaipur. We have served more than fifteen enterprise customers across India, West Africa and South East Asia (SEA) market.

Most importantly we have been able to strike partnerships with leading IT services and system integrators in India for their IoT offerings. The plan is to take xFusion platform to their customers in their geography of operations across the world.

Q. Who all have you partnered with respect to technologies and components?

A. We have partnered with the likes of Microsoft (Azure cloud offerings), Tata Communication Transformation Services, Oracle, Netcracker, and more

Q. Whom do you target as clients? 

A. We currently cater to customers in Telecom, Media, Automotive, Logistics, Transportation, and Manufacturing (Discrete and Process).

Other industries we are planning to target include utilities, retail, smart cities, and commercial insurance.

Q. How many engineers do you currently have, and how many do you intend to hire over the next twelve months?

A. We are a team of more than sixty engineers spread across our offices in Gurgaon and Jaipur. We do intend to hire more over the next twelve months. The number is not fixed yet. We will do so when we complete the planning for the next financial year.

Q. Do you have training/internship programs?

A. Yes, we do have an internship program. Students from various universities come for an internship ranging from two-six months at our Gurgaon and Jaipur office.



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