Saturday, June 22, 2024

What Are The Different Types Of BLDC Motors Available In India?

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A brushless DC motor (BLDC) is basically a synchronous DC motor powered by direct current (DC) and consists of two main parts: a stator and a rotor. Broadly, there are two types of BLDC motors based on the physical design—inner rotor design and outer rotor design. The inner rotor design is a conventional design in which the rotor is located at the core (centre), and the stator coil winding surrounds it. In the outer rotor design configuration, the stator windings are located at the core, while the rotor carrying permanent magnets surrounds the stator.

Again, there are two types of BLDC based on the sensors—sensor-based BLDC and sensorless BLCD. A sensor based BLDC motor is more accurate but costly and is used for a specific application. BLDC motors are available in three configurations: single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase. Out of these, the three-phase BLDC is the most common. All these motors are easily available in India and online shops. You can get the list of Indian manufacturers, including DC motors, BLDC, synchronous motors, etc, from the website.


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