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Various Long-Range Wireless Modules That Can Operate Within One Kilometre Range

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Long-range wireless sensor modules are used in many applications, including asset tracking systems, community building security, robot wireless control, industrial remote control, telemetering, automatic data acquisition, vehicle keyless entry system, PC wireless networking, toys, and drones among others.

One such sensor is the nRF24L01 module (refer Fig. 1) from Nordic Semiconductor. For application, you may refer to ‘Ultra-Low-Power Sensor Hub Using nRF24L01 Modules’ DIY article available on this link.

Some long-range wireless sensor modules easily available in the Indian market include nRF24L01, Zigbee XBee Pro S2C 802.15.4, HC-12, TS835 FPV 5.8G, and LoRa SX1278 module.

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  1. nRF24L01 module. Its operating range is up to one kilometre and it uses 2.4GHz global open ISM band.
  2. Zigbee XBee Pro S2C 802.15.4 module. Its range for outdoor line-of-sight is up to 3.2km. The operating frequency is 2.4GHz for worldwide deployment.
  3. HC-12 wireless serial port communication module. It has a range of up to one kilometre in open space. It works in the frequency range of 433.4-473.0MHz and supports up to a hundred communication channels.
  4. TS835 FPV 5.8G 600MW 48CH (2-6S) wireless AV transmitter module. It has a range of 5km to 8km when used with a bigger gain antenna. The operating frequency is 5.8GHz.
  5. LoRa SX1278 long-range RF wireless power mental module. It has a range of up to 5km. This module uses SX1278 IC from SEMTECH and works on 433MHz frequency.
nRF24L01 module
nRF24L01 module

There is also a long-range wireless module, the F8L10 series, which can work up to 11km.



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