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What Is Zero PCB Or Veroboard Mentioned In Your DIY articles?

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Zero PCB is basically a general-purpose printed circuit board (PCB), also known as perfboard or DOT PCB. It is a thin rigid copper sheet with holes pre-drilled at standard intervals across a grid with 2.54mm (0.1-inch) spacing between holes. Each hole is encircled by a round or square copper pad so that component lead can be inserted into the hole and soldered around the pad without short-circuiting the nearby pads and other leads. For connecting the lead of component with another lead, solder these together or join these using a suitable conducting wire.

Typical zero PCB
Fig. 2: Typical zero PCB (Credit:
Typical veroboard
Typical veroboard (Credit:

Veroboard or stripboard is also a general purpose PCB characterised by a 2.54mm regular (rectangular) grid of holes, with parallel strips of copper cladding running in one direction across one side of the board. This general-purpose PCB is known by the name of the original product, Veroboard, a trademark of British company Vero Technologies Ltd and Canadian company Pixel Print Ltd.

Both zero PCB and veroboard are popular among hobbyists, beginners, and students for rapid prototyping and project works.

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