Sunday, April 21, 2024

Matrix Provides Multi-location Time-Attendance Solution to Tyco

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Tyco had an existing Time-Attendance system which was not functioning at optimal levels. With many problems such as delayed punch data, hardware performance issues, non-availability of spares, poor after sales support and high replacement costs, Tyco needed a vendor who could be more reliable.

Their main requirement was to have access control with biometric time-attendance for 4000 users at eight locations across PAN India. Another important requirement was to track the manufacturing unit’s shifts and schedules.

They were looking for centralized software which they could host on their own server and integrate with their current HRIS application.

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Solution Offered:
With Matrix’s product range, Tyco has implemented below mentioned solution:
• Connected all Locations with aCentral Location for Time-Attendance
• Integration with HRIS Software
• Centralized Monitoring and Control of all Devices
• Auto Data Push to theCentral Server
• Configured Flexible Attendance Policies like Overtime, Leave, Late-in

Solution Diagram:

Solution Diagram_Tyco Electronics

• Comprehensive Time-Attendance Solution with Flexibility
• Quick Fingerprint Recognition
• Reduced Costs and Time Savedon Maintenance
• Seamless Integration with HRIS Payroll Software

• COSEC DOOR FOP (Fingerprint and RFID based Door Controller with LCD, Keypad, and USB)
• COSEC CPM MIFARE SMART (Mifare Smart Card Personality Reader Module)
• COSEC LE PLATFORM (Application Server Platform with 1000 Users and Expandable up to 1 Million Users for basic Access Control and Raw Event Data)
• COSEC LE TAM (Time-Attendance Software Module for COSEC CENTRA LE Users)
• COSEC LE ACM (Access Control Software Module for COSEC CENTRA LE Users)
• COSEC PANEL LITE (Control Panel to Support Multiple Door Controllers for Advanced Features
• COSEC ENROLL FINGER (USB based Fingerprint Enrolment Station)
• COSEC LE USER1000 (1000 Users’ License for COSEC LE Platform)


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