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Modular, Connected and Intelligent Define Today’s Security Products

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DIY security systems can’t get any simpler

A MINI Z in action (Courtesy:
A MINI Z in action (Courtesy:

If you are constantly worried about what’s happening at home when you are at work, travelling or away from home for reasons of your own, worry no more! With the aim of simplifying home security and automation, this Wi-Fi motion sensor from D-Link lets you know when something is moving at home with an instant alert, making your home smarter and secure.

It behaves like a completely connected DIY home solution, and works effectively and seamlessly when used with a Wi-Fi camera (so you can see what’s happening at home), Wi-Fi Smart plugs (which provide a better grip over devices at your home) and a free mydlink Home mobile app (so you know precisely what’s happening.)

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This device is modular and much simpler in terms of functionality as compared to Canary. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet simple solution, your search could end here. With just two buttons (WPS and Reset), and an LED indicator on the outside, this plug-in device incorporates a PIR sensor with 7.9m (26-feet) detection range, two internal antennae and a wireless frequency range of 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz complying with IEEE 802.11n standard. It also has Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2) and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) security protocols integrated.

A MINI Z image of an unattended bag revealing a pipe bomb and a cellphone (Courtesy:
A MINI Z image of an unattended bag revealing a pipe bomb and a cellphone (Courtesy:

Whether you want to get notified when the kids get back from school, make sure the dog goes outside during day time, or receive a text when the garage door opens, this Wi-Fi motion sensor makes it simple to stay aware of what’s happening at home. The compact motion sensor plugs into a power outlet and alerts users of activity at home with a push or text notification as soon as it detects motion. It can be easily configured with your existing Wi-Fi network. This motion sensor can be additionally synced with a Wi-Fi camera to give you visual power.

Coming to the automation aspect, a combination of Wi-Fi Smart plug and the intuitive mydlink Home mobile app available for iOS 6 or above and Android 4.0 or above smartphones and tablets, provides instant control over electronics from anywhere, anytime. For example, you easily pair a D-Link smart plug with a Wi-Fi motion sensor to make home electronics immediately react to motion, such as the lights to turn on as you walk in the front door, for the air-conditioner to keep the living room cool while you are away, and for music to play when you step on the treadmill.

This ability to control devices remotely, automate electronics and get a quick view of what’s happening at home from virtually anywhere puts you in the driver’s seat. The mydlink Wi-Fi motion sensor (DCH-S150) costs approximately US$ 40 and the Wi-Fi smart plug costs about US$ 50. If you also opt for a Wi-Fi camera, the cost pretty much equals the cost of the Canary security system.

Detecting hidden organic threats quickly and wirelessly

Bosch’s DINION 8000 (Courtesy:
Bosch’s DINION 8000 (Courtesy:

Finding threats in tight spaces can be a big problem. Keeping in mind officials from different fields like maritime police, event security, border control, law enforcement and general aviation security, the world’s first handheld Z Backscatter technology imaging system was designed by American Science and Engineering, Inc. (AS&E). It basically provides on-the-go detection of bootlegged items in hard-to-reach areas, such as vehicle tires, small boats, furniture, suspicious bags, walls and car interiors. Accompanied by a Windows 8.1 tablet PC embedded with an ASEInspection software, the MINI Z system provides effective detection of explosives, organic threats and contraband.

Weighing 4 kg, with a scan speed of 15cm (6-inch) per second and four hours battery life, typically, it uses AS&E’s signature Z Backscatter technology, producing a real-time image of the scan target, bringing organic materials that transmission X-ray systems can miss, such as drug, currency and explosives to the fore by wirelessly connecting to the tablet. Unlike portable transmission X-ray systems, trace detectors or density meters, the MINI Z system provides an easy-to-interpret image to swiftly pinpoint organic contraband behind non-metallic surfaces. The operator controls the scanning function with the help of an uncomplicated, intuitive graphical user interface on the system’s dedicated tablet which produces an image of the scanned area that appears in real time.


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