Friday, April 19, 2024

IoT And Smart Farming To The Rescue Of Our Farmers

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Can smart concepts and the hottest buzzword in town Internet of Things (IoT) provide the much-needed shot in the arm for our farmers? This is now the thousand-dollar question that id flooding almost all forums; be it online as well as physical discussion areas. Would our government keep interests of farmers in mind and work towards guiding them to prosperity, rather than only attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) for development?

This is one area where engineers and IoT researchers have shown keen interest to work. Going by latest developments, it seems that IoT can indeed be implemented in the Indian agricultural scheme of things, in addition to other ‘elitist’ areas of society.

Ravi Gupta of Inventrom
Ravi Gupta of Inventrom

Complex issues in agriculture are solved by IoT

“Agriculture has a diverse need for IoT. There are a lot of losses in farming & other aspects where the lack of data & insufficiency has created an issue. IoT not only solves a problem of data collection & monitoring but also the gather data can be analysed further to improvise in next cycles”, states Ravi Gupta who works as a Business Analyst at Bangalore-based Inventrom Pvt.Ltd, an IoT-startup.

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Ravi is also of the opinion that incorporation of smart concepts in farming would directly lead to an increase in the total yield generated by farmers.

Lack of training would be solved dynamically

IoT solution providers and domain experts believe mitigation of the training issue is the biggest advantage that IoT in agro would offer. Let’s say that you are an electronics engineer and also own a piece of land at your native place.

Now, if you think that you can create sustainable IoT-driven solutions to improve the way you farm, then you should go straight ahead and implement these solutions even if it is on a smaller scale and domain.

Your IoT-driven advantage would be that the entire process of training would be automated.

“Integrating IoT to the current system or developing a system based on IoT would offer a constant check or supervision over the entire process, offer notifications & alerts when needed and if feasible, can also automate the entire thing.”, adds Ravi.

The whole process of issuing alerts and monitoring of crops is now automated

An IoT agro sensor
An IoT agro sensor

Any IoT solutions provider knows that an IoT system is made up of 4 key aspects viz. data analysis, process monitoring, visualisation, and control. When this system is implemented successfully, significant data is generated. This, in turn, gets automatically monitored at the IoT framework level itself.

Just imagine, how useful would such an automated system be for any farmer. With alerts and monitoring processes automated, farmers can relax and channelise their energies into other activities such as seed procurement, and labour.



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