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“Our go-to-market plans have always been with the end user in mind”

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Saif Khwaja
senior sales director — South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital.

Q. Tell us about the range of WD products and how it fulfills the varied need of your customers?
A. Western Digital offers a variety of internal drives and external storage products under the WD brand. Whether it’s for everyday PC, enhanced performance, network, surveillance or scalability needs, every drive has a purpose. WD Blue for everyday use, WD Black for performance, WD Red for NAS, WD Purple for surveillance and WD Gold hard drives offer the capacities required for the most demanding datacentre environments.

We depend on storage in our daily lives, often without realizing it. Whether we use cloud services or download pictures, videos, and movies on our PCs and notebooks, we are using storage. We have not only the component drives that infrastructure providers need but also a broad range of consumer offerings. My Cloud range of personal cloud products and My Passport wireless drives offer extended storage for smartphones and tablet users. A personal cloud allows them to own a digital storage space that they can access from anywhere using multiple devices. Customers can also use a personal cloud to centralise their personal data at home and access it from various devices such as a media player, tablet or smartphone, thereby creating a connected “smart” home.

Beyond offering the largest range of really innovative and great quality products, we stand by our products and consumers with top-notch after-sales service and warranty support across India. We believe that users should be able to get a replacement product with the same ease as they purchased the product. WD provides WD Express a door to door service that ensures in case a customer’s product has to be replaced, it is easy to do so. With WD Express, the product is collected from the user’s address and once it passes our warranty criteria, a replacement drive is then delivered to the user at the same location. A customer can also drop his product at one of our many drop points spread across India and then, once his product has been processed, a new product will be delivered directly to his doorstep.

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Q. Please shed some light on your go-to-market strategy to reach Indian consumers.
A. Our go-to-market plans have always been with the end user in mind. WD has classified the storage into ‘easy to recognise’ colors that give customers the power to choose the right product for their needs because every drive has a purpose.

We ensure that we maintain strong bonds with our channel partners by spending considerable time with our local channel partners in educating, training and addressing their concerns as they are a vital link between the users and us. To establish and build relationships with the channel and partner community, we organise a variety of programs and offers.

Our latest offering “myWD Certified Surveillance Storage Provider Program” is designed to provide comprehensive benefits for the security and surveillance channel network. The myWD Certified Surveillance Storage Provider Program is a tailor-made initiative that aims to offer training, sales support, value added benefits and incentives to security and surveillance system integrators, installers, solution and service providers to help them enhance their business opportunities and profitability. We enhance the knowledge base of the resellers, making them more involved and showing them various paths to diversify in surveillance and security market opportunities if they find the traditional PC markets stagnant, thereby increasing the portfolio.

One more programme called ‘WD Ki Paathshaala’ consists of regular training sessions with our channel partners to apprise them of our existing and new offerings. Another important program is WD University, a valuable resource that makes it easier for the partners to sell WD products by staying up-to-date with product information to build the knowledge and expertise.

WD is committed to the growth of its partners by expanding its distribution channels and providing training to effectively cater to its customers’ need for superior service and reach.


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