Monday, July 22, 2024

Over 250 New Products For Automotive and Industrial Applications

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element14 has expanded its portfolio of automotive-qualified products with the addition of over 250 new ROHM semiconductors. This range include LSI, diodes, transistors and power management solutions, suited for the different automotive application segments.

To meet the increasing needs of digitisation in new automotive applications, ROHM is developing new products to deliver full system solutions. It has strengthened its offering at element14 with ranges of products for use in applications including Automotive Cluster, Power, Head-up displays, Charger and Advanced Driver Assist Systems.

These are among the new ROHM automotive-qualified products available at element14

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  • Ideal for automotive applications requiring a direct connection to the battery and low current consumption such as in the body, audio and navigation systems, the ROHM series of AEC-Q100 qualified LDO Voltage Regulators feature ultra-low quiescent current of 6μA (Typ.) and output current capability of 200mA.
  • ROHM Silicon Carbide Schottky diodes feature a shorter recovery time and reduced temperature dependence, in addition to high-speed switching.
  • The AEC-Q101 Zener single diodes from ROHM are compact; 2-pin mold high-density surface mount type, in SOD-523 (EMD2) package. Ideal for applications requiring constant voltage control, it can be mounted automatically using a chip mounter.



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