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Power Conservation using ROHM’s Intelligent Power Module For BLDC Motors

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ROHM talks about the next-thing in efficient power management at India Electronics Week 2017

Bangalore, March 21, 2017: Mr. Britto Edward Victor, Head, India Design Center and Mr. Vijay Bolloju, Manager, Application Engineering, ROHM Semiconductor India spoke at the IoT Conference at India Electronics Week 2017 that recently concluded. The session titled, “Why Is BLDC The Next Big Thing in Efficient Power Management and Energy Conservation” was held on 4th March 2017 and attended by many professional from the IT & Electronics sector. The focus of this session was on Demand-side conservation through the use of BLDC (Brush-less DC) motor solutions for energy efficient electrical appliances, including Ceiling Fans, Air-conditioners, Washing Machines, etc.,

ROHM’s solution for BLDC motor’s “Intelligent Power Module (IPM)” will certainly be a game-changer in the days to come due to its ability to ensure efficient management of power and conservation.

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ROHM Semiconductor India also showcased some of its latest solutions for IPM reference-solutions at the India Electronics Week expo.



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