Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SiC Schottky Diodes For Increased System Efficiency and Robustness

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Littelfuse will introduce their latest line of power semiconductor products, the LFUSCD Series of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diodes.

When compared to standard silicon bipolar power diodes, LFUSCD Series SiC Schottky diodes allow designers to reduce switching losses, accommodate large surge currents without thermal runaway, and operate at higher junction temperatures, all of which enable substantial increases in system efficiency and robustness.

The merged p-n Schottky (MPS) device architecture of the LFUSCD Series ensures enhanced surge capability and reduced leakage current. Available in voltage ratings of 650V and 1200V at current ratings ranging from 4A to 30A, they are well-suited for a broad range of markets, including industrial power supplies, solar inverters, industrial drives, welding and plasma cutting, and EV/HEV charging stations.

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LFUSCD Series SiC Schottky Diodes improve the efficiency, reliability, and thermal management of applications, such as:
• Power factor correction (PFC).
• Buck or boost stages in DC-DC converters.
• Free-wheeling diodes in inverter stages (switch-mode power supplies, solar, UPS, industrial drives.)
• High frequency output rectification.

LFUS Series SiC Schottky Diodes offer these key benefits:
• Improved capacitive stored charge and near-zero reverse recovery make these devices suitable for high frequency power switching, ensure negligible switching losses, and reduce stress on the opposing switch.
• Improved forward voltage drop ensures low conduction losses.
• Maximum junction temperature of 175°C provides for a larger design margin and relaxed thermal management requirements.
• Merged p-n Schottky (MPS) device architecture enhances surge capability and provides extremely low leakage.

LFUS Series SiC Schottky Diodes are available in tubes in TO-220 two-lead and TO-247 three-lead packages. Sample requests can be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit Littelfuse.com.


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