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World’s First Magnetic Bulb Socket For Super Quick Lightbulb Installation

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The invention of lightbulb has been one of mankind’s greatest achievements. And now a magnetic bulb socket that allows a lightbulb to fix itself in place (with additional benefits) seems to take the earlier historic achievement even further.

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A person changes a lightbulb numerous times in his/her lifetime. The process of doing so is quite easy – if there is only one lightbulb involved. But wouldn’t it be an excruciatingly mundane task if several lightbulbs are to be placed? Surely, some lightbulbs (LED lightbulbs included) have tiny connecting pins at the bottom for quickly fixing them. But they too require a slight rotation to be firmly secured in place. And the removal process is equally painstaking.

Now, a unique solution called Magbulb aims to alleviate these problems and convert the tediously boring process of changing lightbulbs fast and exciting. Magbulb is a plastic adapter and essentially consists of two parts. One part is screwed permanently into the lamp holder (using the standard Edison screw-in mount method) while the other part simply gets attached to it like a magnet.

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These magnets are heat-resistant neodymium magnets that provide a constant magnetic field and have a wide operating temperature range. This makes the entire product fireproof and non-combustible.

One part of is screwed into the lamp holder instead of a light bulb and the other part is put on a light bulb. (Image Credit:

Compatible and safe

Besides being compatible with all E26/27 bulbs and sockets out there, Magbulb is a revolutionary improvement that has the potential to greatly improve the safety of people by bringing down accidents caused during the process of changing a lightbulb while on top of a ladder.

By using only one hand to magnetically attach a new lightbulb in any light socket, the above dangerous situation can be avoided once and for all, thus re-inventing the way light bulbs are replaced in the 21st Century.

As per the Magbulb team, “It’s been 141 years since Thomas Edison made one of the most significant inventions of the 19th century. Since then, humanity has made many more breakthroughs and advancements, but somehow, we did not progress much on changing light bulbs. Now, MagBulb involves science to make things easier on a daily basis, and we are shining the light on a brilliant new and affordable new way to re-light up your life.”

For everybody and anybody

It takes some precision to fix a bulb cap in the right way. Unfortunately, that is not possible for people with medical conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease or other ailments. As a result, it becomes difficult for them to carry out this task. However, Magbulb also addresses all these issues, thus making people no longer challenged.

In conclusion, it can be said that beyond convenience, speed and safety, Magbulb is all about accessibility and making life easier for everyone. After all, on average, it takes upto 10-15 minutes to change a bulb. And With Magbulb, it’s just a second.



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