Thursday, April 18, 2024

High Voltage Circuit Breaker

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A high voltage circuit breaker is an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure including damage caused by the excess current.

Upon completion of this slideshow, you would be able to understand the following:

  • Introduction to circuit breaker
  • Operating mechanism
  • Types of circuit breakers
  • Air Blast circuit breaker
  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Oil circuit breaker
  • SF6 circuit breaker

Why the need for a high voltage circuit breaker?

Continuous monitoring of the mains voltage is required in many applications such as manual voltage stabilisers and motor pumps. An analogue voltmeter, though cheap, has many disadvantages as it has moving parts and is sensitive to vibrations. The digital mains voltage indicator circuit indicates the mains voltage with a resolution that is comparable to that of a general-purpose analogue voltmeter. The status of the mains voltage is available in the form of an LED bar graph.

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