Thursday, December 8, 2022
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  1. Dear EFY, I am a new comer to EFY.I got intro thru Mr.Chandhra Mouleeswaran MK, my mentor and Guru in Electronics.I would love to keep in touch with EFY in future.Just a moment ago I browsed thru this site and found many useful and interesting things.I myself was an Electrical Engineer in a private firm till now.And so, I am familiar with the Electronics terms.But, I was off the filed for a while.So, I was quite unfamiliar with the latest surge in Software based Electronics. The magazine is full article, tutorials, data sheets and research contents with lots of software attachments. I feel somewhat puzzled on seeing nothing from the discrete components world! Everything is on Chip. It seems I have to study Electronics from the scrape again but with no necessity for the Electrical & Electronics Rules! But I will do try.Thank you very much.—–MS.Bhavaanee Umaa Maheswari CMMK.02June2K19-Tues.