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Develop a Smart Android App for Temperature Alert System

This project presents an Android app to generate an alert (alarm) on a smartphone when temperature of the process under consideration exceeds user-defined maximum...

Designing Android App For Communication With Bluetooth Module

This article is about designing an Android app for communication with HC-05 Bluetooth module using MIT App Inventor (open source), a block-based programming tool....
Android Project Ideas | Android Projects

Top 30 Android Project Ideas

There is a lot of confusion among students when it comes to projects. Nowadays almost everybody is aware of Android and its features. Android...

Android Smartphone-Based Function Generator

Android smartphones are rapidly becoming popular in the education industry. Some can even be used as signal or function generators. Bulky signal generators available...

Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

This project is based on Android app and Arduino Uno using Bluetooth as the wireless communication medium. It is a simple and flexible home...
home automation using android app project

Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App

Nowadays, people have smartphones with them all the time. So it makes sense to use these to control home appliances. Presented here is a...

Software-Defined Radio with Android Smartphones

Software-defined radio (SDR) is one of the most important wireless communication technologies. It is a unique type of radio system that can tune to...

Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

This project is based on Interfacing an android application to Arduino Uno board using Bluetooth. The result is a home automation system with minimal...

Turn Your Android Smartphone Into a PC

There are times when you need a quick and handy alternative to your regular personal computer. Interestingly, your Android smartphone could do this job...

Turn Your Android Phone into Home Security Camera

For those who do not want to invest in separate surveillance cameras and go through the hassle of installation, configuring a spare Android smartphone...

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