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Resistor Calculator 1.0.6

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Presented here is a simple, easy-to-use freeware for Windows that saves a lot of time and effort in determining the colour code of resistors and resistance values required for LED circuits

Dilin Anand

Fig 1: Home screen of resistor calculator

Every resistor is marked with colour bands that indicate its resistance, tolerance and sometimes temperature coefficient as well. You might be familiar with the mnemonics for memorising the resistor colour coding: B. B. ROY of Great Britain has a Very Good Wife, where the capitalised letters stand for black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey and white, respectively.

Quite often, the whole mental calculation process of resistor codes can be an exhausting task. It also consumes much time. Sometimes you may not remember the mnemonics properly. What if the value has a denomination that is not covered by the mnemonics, such as divided-by-ten or divided-by-hundred (e.g., 0.1Ω or 1Ω)? At other times, you may get confused which colour does the first, second or third B stands for: black, brown or blue. Another common problem is that, you may not know which standard values of resistors are available in the market.

This Resistor Calculator software can be of enormous help in such situations. It helps you generate the colour coding of the resistor value you enter, determines the resistor value of the colour code you enter and lists all the standard resistor values matching your required resistance. It can also determine the value of resistor to be added in series with LED circuits!

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Resistor Calculator is one of the several free software developed by AB-Tools.com. This software runs on Windows operating system. The user interface is clear and plain, which makes it a very simple tool to use even for beginners.


21C_boxResistance calculation. The user can determine the colour code of the resistor to be used by inputting the resistance value. It is also possible to set the required tolerance and/or temperature coefficient and get its corresponding colour bands.

One can get the resistor value, tolerance and temperature coefficient equivalent to the entered colour combinations.

The tool automatically displays the E series and Renard’s numbers of resistors closest to the input value.



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