Thursday, July 18, 2024

Resistor Calculator 1.0.6

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Fig 2: Colour code system of resistors
Fig 3: Calculating resistance values for LEDs

The next part of the window lists the names and corresponding resistance values of all the standard resistors in E series and Renard’s numbers that are closest to and compatible with the value of resistor you selected. By clicking on the Take over button near each resistor, the entered values and their colour is replaced by the values of the selected standard resistor.

Example. Suppose the resistor value required is 178kΩ, with two significant digits and 10per cent tolerance. First type 178 in the box for resistor value. This automatically corrects to 170. Now append three zeros to it. The bands of the resistor depicted below will change instantly to the corresponding code colours. Just below this, each band and their colours will be displayed. First band—brown, second band—violet, fourth band—yellow, fifth band—grey. Third band will be empty because there are no three significant figures. Sixth band is also left blank since we have not selected a temperature coefficient.



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