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JOB: AMS DV Engineer At Texas Instruments In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Texas Instruments

DLP Controllers are critical SoCs in the TI DLP chipsets that act as bridge b/w the application processor or alternate video sources and the TI digital micromirror devices. A typical controller, primarily, has video processing h/w accelerators on the datapath that does complex video processing functions like pixel resolution extension, compression, edge blending, warping etc. The controller has one or more standard Rx PHYs to get video data into the controller and 1 or more channels of Tx PHY that can send processed data to the DMD.

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Role: AMS DV Engineer


  • SoC AMS DV for DLP controllers
  • Work with the IP teams and system teams to derive and understand the Analog-Digital boundaries and derive AMS test needs for DLP controllers
  • Understand Power up andf reset sequence for the DLP controllers and derive a AMS DV plan for the same
  • Work with IP owners to get the right schematic netlists or models needed for SoC AMS DV
  • Modeling IPs as needed in Verilog/system Verilog/Verilog-a, Verilog ams etc.
  • Work with Digital DV team to integrate AMS DV env components into the main DV TB
  • Develop AMS tests as needed, review results with IP designers/Systems etc.

Qualifications and Skill Requirements

  • Educational requirement Bachelor or Masters in EE/ECE/CS or related specializations with 3-5 years of experience in IP/SOC verification.
  • Experience with AMS DV setup and test development
  • Experience with modelling of circuits in Verilog/Verilog-a/vams
  • Development of analog assertions.
  • Controlling Debugging run times, accuracies etc
  • Knowledge of UVM/SoC digital Envs a great plus.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


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