Monday, May 20, 2024

JOB: Engineer – Control Electronics At Hind Rectifiers In Mumbai

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Location: Mumbai

Company: Hind Rectifiers

General Responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing low-power analog (op-amps, filters, power, BJTs, FETs) and digital circuits (logic, µC, memories)
  • Perform circuit tolerance analysis using Excel, Spice based Monte-Carlo analysis, TINA or equivalent tools
  • Hazardous location compliant design: Select electronic components, design and build the PCB in compliance with various railway standards (IEC, EN, UL, CE) for Intrinsic safety, Functional Safety and EMI/EMC standards
  • Analyze designs and modify them for EOL, manufacturing, or customer issues.
  • Bring up boards and develop and execute low-level hardware test to assure design works as per target specs
  • Debug boards using various test equipment such oscilloscopes, DMMs, logic analyzers etc
  • Generating test plans and test reports for electrical and environmental tests
  • Assist with the fabrication, including procurement and build process, and test of prototype hardware
  • Perform and/or oversee design verification tests

Specific Requirements

  • Industry background – Industrial Product Design & Development involving Electronics circuit
  • Computer proficiency – OrCAD Schematic Capture, PCB layout tools, Circuit Simulation Tools


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