How Police Trace Cell Phone Location by Mobile Number or IMEI number


What do you do when you loose your mobile phone? Probably file and FIR, and let the police take over. How does police trace mobile phone? They use the IMEI number to trace lost mobiles.

An easy way to check your IMEI number is to dial *#06# in your dial-pad.

You probably already know that each mobile phone has a unique IMEI number. Whenever a mobile phone is switched on, this IMEI number is sent to Equipment Identity Register database.

Each number is categorized to one of three categories;

  • white listed,
  • grey listed and
  • black listed.

A mobile service provider can block the said mobile phone by putting the IMEI number in the black list. Once blacklisted, the phone is useless as it cannot be used anymore.

The operator can also trace mobile phone using its IMEI number by GPS, thus helping you find the lost or stolen mobile phone. Note that when you contact your mobile service provider to block your mobile phone with the IMEI number, don’t forget to ask them to block the SIM card too.

There are a few things to be considered before tracing a mobile phone:

  • For a Police department to trace a mobile, it should be in a switch on mode.
  • If the mobile is switched off then the last known location is traced.

Note, there are many ways in which IMEI number can be changed, in this case the mobile can’t be traceable.

Here we look at the techniques & procedures how police department trace mobile phone location by IMEI number or by mobile number using a software called cell phone locator.

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This article was first published on 1 June 2017 and was recently updated on 2 April 2019


  1. This will work and above info is true unfortunately this process require followup / theft happen against any of VVIP . we have everything Law, Law enforcing authority etc…..but the main culprit is attitude …. “CHALTHA HE bhayya”

  2. My name is Ajinkya and I leave in Mumbai. my mobile is lost before 5 days and when my mobile is lost, then immediately I go police station and complaint registered. You guide to me that how can I trace my mobile?