Monday, May 20, 2024

JOB: Hardware Design Engineer At Webority Technologies In Bengaluru And Pune

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Webority Technologies

Domain: Automotive

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Experience: 4-8 years


  • Experience in Electronics control module and domain controller, central compute.
  • Analog design: OP-AMP circuits, ADC, data acquisition, sensor interface/signal conditioning circuits.
  • Multicore Microprocessor/microcontroller-based hardware designs
  • Linear & Switch mode supply topologies (Hi/Low voltage Buck, boost converters,
  • Various Communication Standards: SPI, USB, CAN FD, Ethernet PCIe and high-speed memory like DDR5.
  • Multilayer High Speed PCB design understanding layout & routing guidelines for performance & EMI/EMC compliance
  • Signal integrity and EMI/EMC design considerations & testing
  • Experience in MATLAB/Simulink, Pspice, MATHCAD for simulation and design calculations
  • Good communication
  • Knowledgeable of Scrum methodology & Sprint execution

Desired skills

  • Experience in use of design entry tools like Altium.
  • Experience in use of simulation packages such as PSPICE, LTSPICE
  • Hands on Experience in Signal Integrity analysis using Hyperlynx, Cadence SI etc
  • Hands on experience in using testing & debugging tools like emulators, DSO, Logic Analyzer etc for board bring-up.
  • Exposure to complete hardware development life cycle,
  • Automotive domain experience
  • Experience in Industrial & Automotive Product Certification ( IEC, UL, CE , CISPR standards)
  • Exposure to DFM & DFT guidelines.
  • Mixed signal design using 16/32-bit microcontrollers, processors, FPGA, SDRAMs, DDRs, FLASH.


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