Monday, July 15, 2024

Hardware Engineer At Digi2O Information Solutions Private Limited

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Location: Chennai

Digi2O Information Solutions Private Limited

About Digi2O Information Solutions Private Limited

Our vision is to help businesses innovate and attain profitable and sustainable growth using digital technologies. Our mission is to support manufacturing companies optimize processes and creating intelligent products.

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Our tagline is to profit from your connected machines. Our target customer is the factory manager who we help by providing real-time performance information from their machines which helps them make quick and intelligent decisions that help them avoid disasters, reduce time and cost, and help them gain a competitive advantage.

Unlike many others, we offer to co-create new, innovative products and services in close collaboration with our customers by combining our knowledge and expertise with theirs and thus building new revenue streams for them.

About the job

Key responsibilities:

  1. Design, develop, test, and install/commission Digi2O’s IoT products, understand thoroughly customer requirements by having direct interaction with customers, identify the types of components that will go into the hardware, identify all ancillary items required for the solution, prepare Bill of Material for the items required
  2. Review hardware schemas and provide inputs for hardware design, assemble devices from the designed boards, COTS components, etc. and test the same, and develop test cases for testing the product/solution. Plan for the test environment
  3. Prepare test reports, install and test the solution at site and commission the same, prepare test and commissioning reports, and work closely with embedded software developers and software application developers to ensure quality output at all stages
  4. Create project plans or provide inputs for the project plan, fill in time sheets, log issues, write comments and record anything that may be necessary for monitoring, measuring, and reviewing the work done by self in Digi2O’s project management software in a timely manner
  5. Prepare well for all meetings – internal or external – as required by the company management and be punctual for all meetings, attend daily operational meetings
  6. Lead/Participate in various cross-functional teams that may be set up by the company management
  7. Study current design and performance of Digi2O’s products and solutions, provide inputs for improvements, come up with ideas for new products/solutions/services and provide inputs to company management for the same

Skill(s) required

  • embedded Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Soldering


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