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JOB: Hardware Engineer At Emerson In Pune

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Location: Pune

Company: Emerson

Job Summary

Responsible for Design and Development of Digital/Analog circuits for Analytical Instrumentation. Designs must meet international safety and certification standards applicable to the process and control industry (CE/ATEX, CSA, FM, Intrinsic Safety, EMC, EFT). Candidate will be designing and documenting new products, selecting obsolete component replacements, and modernizing legacy products. Target product will be deployed around the world.

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For This Role, You’re responsibilities will be:

  • Work with cross-functional and global teams to develop and support Emerson’s pressure and temperature industrial measurement products.
  • Interact with product management & development teams to develop requirements for Electrical / Electronics Design. 
  • Identify and convert the product specifications into hardware requirements.
  • Create electrical and electronics designs for new products using powerful technology.
  • Prepare High level and detailed design document, schematic, Bill of Material, Test plan, Test Report for hardware.
  • Design circuit layouts and build PCBA prototypes for proof-of-concept models that meet technical specifications and cost targets.
  • Perform cost analysis and cost estimates of proposed PCBAs.
  • Develop test plans for electronic circuitry, and perform qualification testing including functional testing, life testing, reliability testing, EMI-EMC, IS and IEC testing.

Who You Are

You relate comfortably with people across levels, functions, cultures, and geography.  You are a self-motivated, team-oriented individual who can set and achieve goals. You are interested in learning, problem solving, and you collaborate well with others. You work with other functional groups that includes Firmware and Mechanical design.

For this role, you will need:

  • Good Design Skills in Analog and Digital Design along with thorough Knowledge on Implementations for Low Level Signal Conditioning, Power and Thermal Management Techniques for Analytical Products
  • Knowledge on Interfacing the Microprocessor / Microcontrollers with the Low Noise low power ADC, DAC and Sensors is must.
  • Knowledge on Signal Integrity, Linear Circuit Design Involving Op-Amps, Instrumentation Amplifiers and various Signal Conditioning Techniques is must. Strong Analytical Skills for Problem Resolution and Design Implementation is must.
  • Solid understanding on various Communication protocols like SPI, I2C, CAN, RS485, RS232, USB, HART, ProfiBUS and FieldBUS is must.
  • Should be capable of taking the Schematic Level designs to a Final Prototype through the paths of Requirement Specifications, Guidelines, PCB Design, DFM and working closely with the Mechanical and Software Team globally to meet product requirements.
  • Knowledge on Design of various types of AC / DC Power Supply is required with design experience on the same with good design knowledge on SMPS and DC-DC convertors different Topologies.
  • Must have knowledge on Product Design for EMI / EMC compliance along with knowledge on Shielding Concepts Implementation is needed.
  • Knowledge of Products employing Optics Related Design.
  • Candidate must have strong Written and Oral Communication skills to interact and work with teams located globally.
  • Should possess good knowledge on different Test and Measurement LAB Equipment and should be able to handle them for Product Design and Development Independently.

Preferred Qualifications that set you apart: 

  • Expertise in EMI / EMC Designs Testing and Certification 
  • Design Knowledge for product applications in Hazardous environments, and knowledge about Intrinsic Safety and High Voltage Applications.
  • Designs must meet international safety and certification standards applicable to the process and control industry (CE/ATEX, CSA, FM, and Intrinsic Safety).
  • Knowledge on Development of Hardware using FPGA, PAL, PLA and CPLD.
  • Good knowledge of various sensors used in the Instrumentation; especially used for measuring various physical and chemical properties of liquid.
  • Familiarity with PCB Design Tools like PADS, OrCAD, and Allegro is added advantage.
  • Candidate from Process Instrumentation background would be added Advantage.
  • Knowledge of Process Documentations for total Product Life Cycle.


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