Sunday, March 26, 2023

JOB: Embedded Developer At Eruvaka Technologies

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Location: Hyderabad

Company: Eruvaka Technologies

Embedded Engineer/Developer: Exp 5+


  • Design, develop and maintain software for Eruvaka IoT products
  • Analyse and understand system requirements
  • Integrate sensors and peripherals
  • Work with cloud team for cloud API integration
  • Develop reusable and efficient code on low power platforms

Required Skills

  • Excellent programming skills in Embedded C, Linux
  • Experience in various stages product development
  • Good knowledge of device driver software development for various peripherals
  • Strong in e concepts and good proficiency in real time multi-threaded software design and development
  • Good knowledge of firmware development, Bootloader development and BSP level
    programming for ARM Cortex micro controllers.
  • User space and/or kernel space development experience on Linux based platforms
  • Good knowledge of software embedded system concepts and architecture
  • Knowledge of wireless like WiFi, LoRa etc..
  • Hand on Experience in Uart, i2c and SPI
  • Hand on Experience in micro controllers
  • Experience in understanding embedded hardware schematics and interfaces to microcontroller
  • Knowledge of software development and release process
  • Working experience in using source code management tools like GIT



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