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Project Engineer at Rockwell Automation

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Location: Pune

Company: Rockwell Automation

Job Details

  • Deliver & execute the assigned project/work package on time with good quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure technical deliverables matches project/work package requirements. Save engineering costs for the GEC team through application & technical expertise.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, define and implement complex system requirements for customers and/or prepare a study and analyze existing systems. Determine system specifications, input/output processes, and working parameters for hardware/software compatibility.
  • Coordinate design of subsystems and integration of the total system.
  • Identify, analyze and resolve program support deficiencies. Develop and recommend corrective actions.
  • Complete Project task based on work assignment.
  • Deliver & execute the assigned projects on time with good quality/ cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Keep improving self-engineering capabilities and exchange best practices with other team members to improve the team’s capabilities.
  • Support Team Leader / Lead Engineer on technical issues.
  • Work closely with Team Leader / Lead Engineer to guarantee customer acceptance.
  • Ensure project implementation follows the engineering delivery standard.
  • Maximize reusable standard products and engineering in project delivery.
  • Technical implementation in the whole life-cycle of project/work package delivery.
  • Work with Team Leader to manage technical risk in project/work package execution.
  • Work with Team Leader to clarify technical issues.
  • Coach and develop Project Engineers.
  • Cost reduction through the process & manufacturing improvement, and through the development of reusable engineering or engineering standard.
  • Work closely with Team Leader to achieve customer acceptance. Demonstrate application & technical expertise to achieve repeat orders and retain customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure 100% meet technical items defined in the project/work package.
  • Ensure project implementation follows the procedure of RA engineering standards.
  • Maximize reusable standard products and engineering in project/work package delivery.
  • Support Team Leader in managing team performance, developing self and team capability, and motivating the team.
  • Lead and coach Project Engineers in the team to comply with business procedures.

Key Competency Requirements

  • Contributes Professional & Technical Expertise
  • Consistently demonstrates proficiency in the areas of technical and/or professional expertise relevant to the role.
  • Actively pursues continuous learning; develops skills and knowledge in job-related technical or professional expertise, including increasing breadth and depth of expertise and keeping up-to-date with advances.
  • Invites feedback and coaching, and actively engages in responding to it.
  • Collaborates & Teams Effectively
  • Is honest and fair in dealings with others; words and actions are consistent with Rockwell Automation values and standards of ethical conduct.
  • Balances individual goals and team goals.
  • Reaches out across organizational lines to establish and maintain effective work relationships to achieve individual and team goals.
  • Addresses conflict and other barriers to collaboration directly and constructively, adapting to cultural norms and expectations when appropriate.
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Shares viewpoints openly and directly with others, providing relevant and timely information to those who need it.
  • Shares information clearly one-on-one and with small groups, making good decisions as to who, when, and how to communicate.
  • Involves the right people to obtain needed information and perspectives.
  • Listens carefully and attentively to others to ensure that their viewpoints are fully heard and grasped.
  • Adds Value for Customers & Partners
  • Understands the needs and requirements of customers and partners associated with their business/function; productively shares that understanding with others.
  • Clearly quantifies and articulates customer value derived from Rockwell Automation solutions.
  • Addresses customer and partner need in ways that differentiate Rockwell Automation products and services.
  • Prioritizes own work activities to focus first on those that add value (directly or indirectly) to customers or partners.
  • Attains Results
  • Excels at execution; monitors progress and, as needed, redirects efforts, resources, and rewards to ensure goals are achieved
  • Holds self and others accountable for keeping commitments, maintaining standards, and achieving goals.
  • Accepts new challenges and responsibilities to achieve goals and model Rockwell automation values.
  • Creates Focus and Motivates Others
  • Supports individuals and teams to stretch beyond what they thought they could do.
  • Able to get results from people within Rockwell Automation not under their direct control.

Job-Related Competencies

  • Complete knowledge of AutoCAD (Preferably ACAD-Electrical), and additional knowledge on ePlan are preferable.
  • Working knowledge of DOL, S/D, VFDs, Soft-Starters, PLC & MCC System Designing
  • Must be aware of electrical design standards like IEC/NEMA.
  • Should have gone through the complete project life cycle from the design phase to commissioning.
  • High level of expertise in Integrated Architecture, Standard Drives, Intelligent Motor Control, Safety products, Component Industry Control, Networks, and a good understanding of Motion Control, Medium Voltage products, and Drive systems.
  • High level of expertise in Industry Knowledge, Application Knowledge, Training Skills, and basic understanding of Project Management, Lean Six Sigma skills, and EHS (Environment, Health & Safety).
  • Should have gone through the complete project life cycle from the design phase to commissioning.

Educational Qualifications / Work Experience

  • Bachelors in Electrical /Instrumentation / Control / Electronics.
  • 5 to 7 years of relevant experience in engineering on LV Drives, MCC, and PCCs.


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